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Cheergrey is demonstrating expertise in developing a new economic center and new mixed-use destination on a 44-acre linear estate for London Stansted, which has the energy to become an iconic international destination and attract and command attention and investment from world-class clients. Located in the center of East of England, London Stansted is a core transport hub with unparalleled access to the M11 growth corridor, 17 million people within 2 hours and 1.2 million within 30 minutes.


           is the next phase, inspired by billowing sails and iconic design, offering a new Financial and Commercial Center for London Stansted and attracting both regional, national and international clients. TriSail is comprised of TriSail West, TriSail Center and TriSail East; Corporate Office suites; Spa and Fitness Center; Café / Bar / Restaurant; Convenience Food / Retail; and outside amenities including wild flower meadows, jogging trails, picnic and recreation areas.


With its iconic 'billowing sails', TriSail is a stunning development of corporate offices, retail spaces and leisure facilities, which is already attracting interest from corporate clients around the world.

Water Circle is opposite TriSail. Home to Elsenham Water created by Cheergrey, it also includes the Water Café and Cheergrey corporate offices.

Famous for its purity and mineral richness, Elsenham Water is an exclusive, award-winning premium water that is sourced, bottled and marketed from Elsenham Meadows.

TriSail Towers has the energy to become an ‘iconic International destination’ and attract and command attention and Investment from World Class Clients. Located in the Center of East of England’s London Stansted core transport hub – M11 growth corridor, 17 million live within 2 hours and 1.2 million within 30 minutes.


City Center Meadows is creating a new economic centre and mixed use destination on the 44 acre linear estate which successfully accommodates world class consumer companies.


Tri Sail, Water Circle is currently under construction and will create a new economic and financial district for London Stansted. TriSail is attracting financial corporate companies both regional, national and international.


Circle Resort is the next phase and will comprise a hotel, conference/convention centre and sports clinic, and is scheduled for completion in 2019.


TriSail Towers


Circle Resort


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